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What even IS PMU?!

For PMU artists, like ourselves here at The Beauty Lab Miami, permanent makeup is our second nature. We understand every aspect of it- from cartridge sizes, best ink color choices to the best technique for skin types. ...But we understand that is not the case for everyone. So, what exactly is permanent makeup? Let's dive in. Permanent makeup (PMU) is nothing new, it has just become more popular and advanced with techniques and supplies (like everything else in life!). PMU is a semipermanent way to achieve everyday makeup looks. If that sounds scary to you, it shouldn't! There are so many different techniques and services available for PMU- they can range from big and bold to soft and natural, from eyebrows to lips- and even freckles! There are so many reasons why someone would choose to receive a PMU Service. Maybe they're tired of filling in their brows every single day. Maybe they want that eyeliner to stay smudge free. But, it goes beyond just beauty convenience- some individuals just want help with certain features they feel insecure about (sparse/uneven eyebrows, discoloration of the lips, etc.). If you have been juggling the idea of receiving a PMU Service, I hope this post will help you out a bit. Like we said, PMU has been around for a while. It's similar to tattooing, but the main difference is the ink or pigments that are used. You have probably heard that PMU uses different techniques and that's what the difference is, but that's only half true. Technique is dependent on the PMU Service being offered, and the ones that vary are mainly brow services. Here are some examples and their differences:

Microblading: This service is done with a small, handheld blade, creating hair-like strokes in the brows. The artist will follow your natural hair-growth pattern to achieve the most realistic and natural results. This service can be done with numbing before and during the procedure to ensure the most comfortable experience. Because this service involves creating tiny, superficial cuts (sounds a bit scary, but think of something almost similar to a paper cut) it can be considered a little more traumatic to the skin- for that reason it is not recommended for clients who bleed easily or have thinner skin. This specific technique is also not recommended for clients who have oilier skin as oily-skinned clients will not heal with crisp results (the natural oils that occur in the skin can push the ink out and cause the strokes to blur). If you do not fall into the not-recommended category, Microblading is a great option to help create fuller, natural looking everyday brows! This can last between 1-3 years, depending on skin type and aftercare. Touch up is recommended when the brows are fading slightly, you do not want to repeat too often to avoid damage to the skin.

Powder/Ombre Brows: This service is known by many names (Powder, Ombre, Microshading) but they are all the same things! This service is done with a machine (not as loud as a traditional tattoo gun!) that will create a more voluminous, shaded look for the brows. Your brows will have a gradient effect - lighter in the front to a darker tail - to mimic the natural flow of colors in the brows (this natural gradience in brows is due to the hair growth pattern, falling and overlapping one another). Right after your session, the brows tend to look bold and dark, but this only lasts for about a week or so. Reason being, all the ink/pigment is sitting right on the tippy top of the skin so it will appear much darker than the end result, which is lighter by 30-40%. Numbing is applied throughout the service. Many people shy away from this service because of how they look right after the initial session- don't be scared! They may look bolder than you wanted, but they lighten to a beautiful and natural result! This technique is recommended for EVERYONE! Thin skin, oily skin, etc, since it is done with a small needle that creates a pixelated effect, it is much less traumatic on the skin; therefore, anyone who is interested in this technique has the green light! This technique can last 2-5 years depending on skin type and aftercare. Touch up is recommended annually but is dependent on client's desire.

Nanoblading: This service combines the aforementioned techniques- hair-like strokes created with a machine as opposed to a handheld blade. The strokes are created with a nano needle to help mimic the texture of the natural brow hair, and since it is done with a machine, it is less traumatic on the skin as well. This is amazing for clients who want hair-strokes but are not good candidates for Microblading due to their skin type. Clients can also combine shading with this service, which is essentially combining the hair stokes with the powder brow technique- this helps to create dimension in the brows. It has a lovely result! Numbing is applied throughout the service. This technique can last 2-5 years depending on skin type and aftercare. Touch up is recommended annually or biannually- dependent on client's desire.

Combination Brows: This service combines Microblading and Powder/Ombre Brows. You will get hair-like strokes using a handheld blade and shading using a machine. The purpose of this is to create a fuller, dimensional brow in the most natural way possible. In order to avoid adding an overload of hair strokes, the shading will come and allow for more volume. Here at The Beauty Lab Miami, this is our favorite and most popular service! The shading allows for a more voluminous look, while the hair strokes create texture. Numbing is applied throughout the service. This technique can last 2-5 years, depending on skin type and after care. Touch up is recommended annually, dependent on client's desire.

The inks /pigments used in PMU are meant to be broken down by your body over the years, unlike ink/pigments used with traditional tattooing. That is why PMU is considered semi-permanent. If that sounds unfair to you, it shouldn't! This allows for your artist to touch up the work without the old ink/pigment interfering with the touch up, allowing for a like-new, fresh result!

Please note, because PMU Services require using a needle or blade to penetrate the skin, you must be in good medical health to receive a service. If you are unsure, consult with you Primary Care Physician before booking a service. If you are under the care of a physician, consult with them prior to having a PMU Service done.

RECAP! Hopefully, this was't information overload for you! But just in case it was, let's break it down. -PMU is a semipermanent option available to help enhance or correct beauty needs. =PMU can be done for brows, lips, eyeliner, freckles, scalps (thinning/bald hair). -It is different from tattooing because of the inks/pigments used. -Techniques are different based on the service being performed, In this post, we went over some different brow services available. We hope this helps! If you have any questions or would like a consult for PMU, please feel free to reach out to us! Send us an email or call us, if we don't answer please leave a message as we are probably serving clients but would love to chat and help you out! If you are interested in booking a PMU service, you can do so online 24/7. 786.992.9591 We will touch on other PMU services and their purposes as well as other beauty topics, too. Thanks for reading! xoxo


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